Travel in Mexico, 2006
Mexico Oaxaca Mexico City Puebla Mexico Flag, Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico DF

"I must be careful, if I fall down someone has to adopt 60+ common lisp packages and I don't think anybody wants that."


Today we left Oaxaca to take a look at Puebla. Of course we left a good tip in our hotel, was a very nice one. If you ever visit Oaxaca - stay at the Las Mariposas!


Unfortunately the nice luxury class has a bad schedule from Oaxaca to Puebla - only once a day, late, so we took one of those normal ones. Wah. They are just too small for me for a long trip. This trip was for 4.5 hours passing some very nice sceneries, before we finally arrived in Puebla.


After we found our hotel we went to look at the town - and to get something to eat. Most of the tourist stuff was planned for the next day anyways, but a short look can't hurt.


We quickly discovered that Puebla has more churches than anything else - basically every street has its own one, you can't turn round without seeing at least two. We couldn't watch one from inside, as at this day every church was occupied with something, going from a funeral over a wedding to some normal service (judging by the clothes of the people), so we went on to get some food. (After all it is not very nice to sent a priest away from the altar, because "he disturbs the picture"...)