Travel in Mexico, 2006
Mexico Oaxaca Mexico City Puebla Mexico Flag, Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico DF

"You go to Mexico to get away with most of the prejudices - and what do they play everywhere? Mariachi, Mariachi, Mariachi. Ahhhh."

DebConf is over, lets start with our Trip through Mexico

DebConf is over, dismantling finished and the last people leave Oaxtepec to either get home or to have a vacation in Mexico now. My trip was planned together with maxx, but he was lost somewhere. Love sucks. :)

After he was back we looked, together with h01ger, to get to Gunnars place in Mexico City, where H01ger planned to stay a night and I wanted to leave half of my luggage there, to not have to carry around that much stuff. The first Taxi driver did not have a license to go to Mexico City, so he took us to a friend of him, who was able to go there. But then he didnt know where to go in Mexico City, So we picked a random Taxi (VW "Käfer", those nice little bugs, developed long ago in Germany, now unfortunately production stopped everywhere) and let him show us the way.

Gunnars Place

Finally there we dropped our luggage and invited Gunnar for some food, as he was looking for it anyways. Seems H01ger didn't trust the streets in Mexico City as much as he did everywhere else - or did you see him wearing shoes during DebConf?

After lunch Gunnar went back to work, while we used his net connection, before we asked Gabi to call us a Taxi to the "TAPO"-busstation, where we planned to take one of those luxury UNO-buses to Oaxaca.

Bus, way to Oaxaca

In the middle of that station we met Edgar B (jergas), who told us he left another Debian-guy in that bus a few minutes ago. Originally we planned to take a later bus, but well, we now took this one and met - Jesus 'mooch' Climent.

After some 6.5 - 7h we arrived in Oaxaca at around 3 in the night. We decided to take the same hotel as Jesus, as its ways easier with someone speaking spanish at this time. Unfortunately we have gotten the worst possible room at that location - it had some non-paying roommates [PIC LINK] and a lot of mildew (with a lot of smelliness). Ok for the short night, but as we planned to stay some days we moved to another hotel right in the morning.


Oh, note - while I link some pictures here there are way more. You may want to look at my pictures if you want. Those I dont like - that are too bad - are in subfolders bad/ there. And as soon as i know where maxx pictures are I link them too.