Sub Albums  / Sub Albums Taiwan / Sub Albums Sept 2009 :: Image Bangkok Airport, Wheelchair ramp into a set of stairs
DigiCam Info
Equipment Make Nokia
Equipment Model N95 8GB
DigiCam settings for the photo
Light Source unknown
Flash Flash did not fire, auto mode
ISO 100
Exposure Time 1/111 second
Focal Length 5.60 millimeters
Shutter Speed Value 478
Aperture Value F2.80 (2.97 APEX)
F-Number 2.80
Image Characteristics
Date Thu Sep 24 13:11:59 2009
File Media Type image/jpeg
JPEG Type Baseline
Color Type YCbCr
Samples Per Pixel 3
Bits Per Sample 8 8 8
Physical Resolution 300 dpi
Exif Version 0220
Original Image Width 2592
Original Image Length 1944